Does this sound familiar? 

  • You're tired of feeling like you have to prepare for battle just to get your child to read.

  • You feel so burnt out and have run out of ideas to get your child engaged with books.

  • You feel like your friends don't understand the struggle because reading comes naturally for their children.

  • You wish you could wave a magic wand, say goodbye to the tears and dreaded screams and have your child finally fall in love with reading.

  • You know there has to be a better option, but don’t have a clue how to get there on your own.

Many parents pour money into programs and books trying to get their child to read, but there’s one thing those programs are missing…


They don’t take into account that YOUR child is a unique individual.

The problem is...

Many programs on the market only target a particular roadblock or focus on the most common issue, however families typically encounter more than roadblock, you're only getting help with one SMALL piece of the puzzle, instead of putting it all together.

You're left applying a band-aid instead of getting ahead of the roadblocks that are cause you so much pain.

You need a PROACTIVE PLAN so you're not left responding in the moment, rather eliminating or reducing those roadblocks before they even start.

Most programs out there are one-size-fits-most, often times a reluctant reader will fall outside of that "MOST" category.

You need the strategies, tools and support to create a PERSONALIZED PLAN that will work for your reluctant reader AND your family.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  - Benjamin Franklin


When you’re in the moment, it’s so hard to come up with ideas to persuade your child to read and as a result, more precious reading time is spent locked in battle or negotiations than actually reading right? 


This membership combines creative strategies and educational techniques into a toolbox you can draw from to create a personalized plan and a community to support you! You’ll be able to create a proactive, flexible plan that works for YOUR READER and YOUR FAMILY, while having access to guidance, support, and friends that you can celebrate your reading wins with to help keep you MOTIVATED!

Introducing the…


Developing Ravenous Readers Club!

You’ll be given an EASY to follow roadmap to guide your future bookworm from dread to must be read as well as the tools and support you need to identify and combat your family’s reading roadblocks while rediscovering family reading fun! 


Can you imagine how AMAZING it would feel to…

  • Have a PROACTIVE and intentional plan to create POSITIVE reading experiences for your family

  • Know exactly how to target andOVERCOME your family’s READING ROADBLOCKS to move your reluctant reader along their reading journey

  • CONNECT and rediscover family reading fun

  • Trade in the constant battles for a LOVE OF READING and life-long learning

  • SHARE or FINDa love of readingtogether

You feel like you’ve tried everything…


  • You’ve bought book after book, but your child never read them and they are collecting dust.
  • You’ve signed up for programs that were too hard to implement or one-size-fits-all and didn't work for your child.
  • You’ve exhausted every idea you can think of and have no clue what to try next.
  • You’ve resorted to bribery, but know that’s not a sustainable option.
  • Even when you DO manage to get them to read, they see it as a chore and definitely won't do it without being prompted!






Unlike other programs or memberships out there, the Developing Ravenous Readers Club leans into your child’s interests, speaks to their creativity and teaches you how to loosen the reins and guide them to discovering their own love of reading and life-long learning!


Help your child fall in love with reading with reader-driven, creative and educationally-based strategies incorporated into a family reading plan that’s customized to work for you not against you!









I love the vast number of examples and tips provided in the Reading PRO Roadmap (the framework with the Developing Ravenous Readers Club). It makes it easy for any parent to be prepared if and when a new roadblock strikes because you’ve already given us the tools and strategies to combat it, rather than trying to figure it out on our own!”

-Kristen R.


“Ellen always provides great suggestions and strategies for my two little readers, especially my more reluctant one. Ellen has been helpful in finding new and engaging ways to keep up the reading at home. Ellen has helped me realize the importance of having a family reading plan so it doesn't slip through the cracks of a busy day.”

- Anonymous

The reading journey is long and you never know when new roadblocks will appear.


Kristen feels armed with the tools and strategies she needs no matter what the future holds for her children’s reading journeys.


I’ve helped a mom of two find new and engaging ways to get her more reluctant reader excited about reading and helped her craft a family reading plan that works for her family’s busy schedule and allows them to keep  reading as a priority and not just another item on their to-do list.


And I will to help you do the same…


  • Identify your reading roadblocks and create a proactive plan that works for your family to overcome them

  • Show you how to speak to their interests and get them involved in the process

  • Teach you how to excite, engage and incentivize your reader in ways that will help foster a love of reading

  • Show you how you can move forward to develop life-long learners



If you’re ready to guide your future bookworm from dread to must be read and rediscover family reading fun, the Developing Ravenous Readers Club was created just for you and your family!


You don’t need an education degree or hours of free time to overcome your family’s reading roadblocks!


Here’s what you’re going to get inside the Developing Ravenous Readers Club:


Get instant access to the Developing Ravenous Readers Club for only $37/month or $370/year


Are you ready for your child to fall in love with reading?


“I wanted to work with Ellen because she is eager and helpful in providing suggestions based on age, interests and any other reading specifics. She's been a terrific resource and it's been a pleasure to work with her. Since working with Ellen, I've made more of an effort to read to my son throughout the day, not just at bedtime, and it's become a nice bonding activity for us.”

- Rachel R.

Hi! I'm Ellen!


I'm a wife and mom to two high-energy boys (ages 7 and 3.5), and a Literacy Guide and Advocate. As a dancer and thespian growing up, I have always loved the arts and, thanks to the pandemic, I've recently I picked up a hobby of painting. I’m also a recovering reluctant reader.


I have a B.S. in Elementary Education, but most importantly as a recovering reluctant reader, I can put myself in your child’s shoes and get creative when it comes to tackling different reading roadblocks.


I’ve used the strategies I teach to rebuild my own love of reading, so I know it’s possible to come back from being a reluctant reader, even after over two decades, and when all hope seems lost.

I’ve proactively implemented the ideas and strategies I teach with both my boys, since birth. My youngest is obsessed with books and my oldest is excelling as a beginning reader and reading above grade level!


I’ve helped my clients discover family reading fun and re-engage their children in the reading experience by creating a consistent reading routine, speaking to their interests and proactively targeting their reading roadblocks.


Everything I teach is fully customizable because each child is unique and no two reading journeys are the same - I reject a one-size fits all model because we’re all different and that should be embraced instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.


I strongly believe that having a family reading plan that proactively addresses your specific family roadblocks, reading aloud as a family and utilizing ideas that take you beyond the book in a fun and engaging way are key to successfully building literacy, fostering a love of reading and sending children on their journey of life-long learning.


I’m committed to teaching parents how they can help their children fall in love with stories and learning, because, as the saying goes - “Children are made readers in the laps of their parents.”


If you believe and want the same but aren’t sure how to get there, I think the Developing Ravenous Readers Club is the PERFECT fit for you!

The Developing Ravenous Reader Club is Right For You If You Are...

  • Dedicated to fostering a love of reading with your child
  • Done accepting that your child simply hates reading
  • Ready to build a habit of reading in your home
  • Prepared to loosen the reins a bit and let your child choose what they want to read
  • Comfortable with getting creative and trying new things to make reading fun and engaging for your child
  • Ready to let go of the drama around reading and help your child fall in love with stories

The Club is not for you if you...

  • Don’t believe it’s possible for your child to fall in love with reading
  • Are NOT ready to embrace a love of reading yourself
  • Won’t put in the effort to maintain a level of consistency in your home
  • Are afraid to get creative and try something new
  • Believe your child will figure it out on their own when they’re ready



“I came to Ellen looking for book recommendations and reading techniques to use with my very young grandchild, she's been very helpful in recommending books for my grandchild as well as my great nieces and great nephews. I love that she taught me to read with my granddaughter facing me, it's been very effective and I look forward to Ellen's ongoing support as my granddaughter grows up.”

-Anne M.

Don’t let another year go by before you help your child fall in love with reading.


It’s critical to foster a love of reading sooner rather than later to ensure they’re able to practice and refine their reading skills as much as possible.


While studies show it’s not impossible to help an older child with reading, they will require more help if they’re beyond third grade. In fact, “75 percent of children whose help is delayed to age nine or later continue to struggle throughout their school careers” according to Parenting a Struggling Reader by Susan L. Hall and Louisa Cook Moats


Early intervention is key if you want your child to succeed in school and life. 


It’s time to take action to help your child discover the magic and joy that reading can bring and set them on the path of life-long learning!

Frequently Asked Questions


When I purchase, how long does it take to get access to the content?


You will have access immediately! Following your purchase you’ll have access to the members-only portal and VIP Facebook Group. You’ll start with Module 1 and have a new module or bonus unlock every other week until you've unlocked the full Reading PRO Roadmap and accompanying bonus lessons. There will be two Hot Week Sessions a month (times will vary each month to ensure working and stay a home parents are able to attend). Weekly planning sessions will take place every Thursday (with a mix of day and evening sessions) to leave you time to gather any necessary books or materials over the weekend. The monthly training session will be either a prerecorded session or LIVE guest masterclass. The Google Calendar will be updated at the start of the month to give you time to plan for the month ahead. Everything that is recorded will be available within the member-only portal. (Weekly Planning will only be recorded if a specific question is asked and trained on, Hot Seat Sessions will be recorded and posted with member approval).


This membership sounds like a game changer, but isn’t it too expensive?


Honestly, with this solution you’re guiding your child to a path of life-long learning, which I would say is PRICELESS! Considering the alternative and the long term effects that remaining a reluctant reader will have for your child, you can't afford to just give up and accept that they hate reading. You could keep spending money on books that go unread or trying to come up with ideas and strategies on your own. Or you can join this membership where the trainings and weekly planning will keep you accountable because consistency is key. Plus, you can cancel any time if it’s not a good fit.


This membership sounds amazing, but I’m not sure I have the time to sit through hours and hours of videos. I just don’t know if I’m able to invest the time every month into this membership.


The Reading PRO Roadmap trainings are SHORT and broken down into small, actionable steps with accompanying workbooks to walk you through what you need to do and how to do it. 


The last thing I want is to rob you of precious time that could be spent reading.


I created the Reading PRO Roadmap framework to make it easy to soak up the important information and move straight into implementing what you’ve learned as quickly as possible. I created this membership to help you TAKE ACTION and create a better family reading experience as quickly as possible. I’ve even included audio files so you can easily listen while on the go or tackling chores around your home.


Couldn’t I just Google it or watch videos online?  


Sure, you could spend hours researching information online, but would you know how to implement those strategies and feel confident doing so? Also, how would you know if you were working through the steps that would actually help your unique child? That time would be better spent working through proven steps to get your child hooked on reading faster. 


What if I join the membership and it doesn’t work for me?


Cancel anytime! The cost of the membership is likely still less than what you’ve spent on books and other programs trying to get your kid reading without any luck. I’m always looking to improve the club experience so I’d love to chat if you’re up for it to see what’s not working for you and see if there’s another way I can better serve you.